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Air Pollution Control Services of Troy Alabama

Founded in 1988, AirTek Construction of Troy, Alabama is the premier supplier of air pollution control (APC) equipment and services for a wide range of customers in a variety of industries. From air quality checks to environmental site assessments,  AirTek can provide assistance with engineering, construction, and maintenance services. Our geographic “sweet spot” is the southeast and mid-Atlantic region of the US.

Engineering & ConsultingOur Approach

We approach work with a mental intensity honed from years of experience performing critical outage work. The same intensity is supplied to customer service, new equipment, spare parts, and everything we do. Safety is a foundational value and one of our competitive advantages. AirTek has a track record for repeat work that is unmatched in the industry, having recently completed our 25th consecutive year of outage maintenance services for one of our customers.

ConstructionCorporate Headquarters

Corporate headquarters are based in Troy, AL from which all aftermarket services are directed. This includes our on-site warehouse with an inventory of over $3 million in critical spare parts. Our electrical and mechanical engineering staff include designers and rebuild specialists that can execute repairs, upgrades, and have engineered literally hundreds of equipment rebuilds. Our fleet of field service engineers are directed from here and are available to assist in consulting and troubleshooting. The Troy office additionally serves as our field craft management location. We typically direct 250-300 craft during an outage season.

Let AirTek put our drive and experience to work solving your Air Pollution Control problems.