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Airtek: Paper Mill with Air Pollution Control
You’ve heard it a million times: paper mills smell bad, and they pollute the environment. And it’s accurate – if you’re discussing years past. But thankfully, no more. Gone are the days of inefficient systems that pollute our air. Modern air pollution control systems have cleaned up paper mill emissions industry-wide, considerably reducing pollution while meeting today’s air quality standards.  Pulp and paper mills also get a bad rap for being antiquated, not being in
As an owner/operator of an air emission source, it can be quite challenging to navigate the many issues that require your attention to keep your air pollution control system functioning optimally. Every system is unique and requires varying levels of expertise to maintain.  From precipitator maintenance to inventory management for parts, AirTek has the experience and expertise to guide you through the issues you may face. We provide engineered solutions to meet environmental and reliability