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Full Service Electrostatic Precipitators from AirTek

Your electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is the unsung low-energy, high-efficiency workhorse of your industrial operation. Electrostatic precipitators save your business time and money by keeping you compliant with state and federal emissions regulations. In fact, it’s fair to say that without your ESP, there would be no business to operate at all. 

But while your electrostatic precipitator may have an outsized presence on site, it can still be easy to neglect. We count on our ESPs to operate reliably for years, and we seldom have a moment to spare to consider the health, maintenance, or inspection schedules surrounding them. But if we wait too long to show our ESPs a little TLC, what was a minor repair could easily become a major malfunction, requiring more time, energy, and money than you care to expend. 

Total ESP Servicing

Since 1988, AirTek has been putting its knowledge of ESPs to work in designing, engineering, and installing ESP air-filtering machinery for their industrial partners far and wide. Beyond those services, AirTek proudly puts its over 30 years of experience to work in ESP inspections, maintenance, repairs/upgrades, and even fabrication. AirTek’s specialists have seen nearly every contemporary variation of electrostatic precipitator technology throughout their decades of service. 

When it comes to ESPs, AirTek has the knowledge to keep you and your business fully operational. If it’s been a while since you’ve trained your eyes on your forgotten ESP, consider calling the professionals for a much-needed checkup. 

Trust Experience

Once on-site, AirTek’s trained ESP personnel will evaluate your equipment and its operating controls to certify that everything’s ship-shape. Control, electrical, and mechanical specialists will work together to give your electrostatic precipitator its most thorough checkup since installation.

In addition to performing routine maintenance, AirTek’s specialist will provide detailed reports, recommend future maintenance, troubleshoot any discovered issues, and even remain at the ready for any potential emergency calls. 

Better still, AirTek’s specialists will recommend improvements to your electrostatic precipitator that have been developed throughout the years in the ESP tech sector. They can upgrade controls, redesign vital systems for greater efficiency, and enhance power usage to make your ESP the best version of itself for years to come.

ESPs From A to Z

AirTek is certainly no stranger to ESP design and engineering. Having been trusted with the entire process from start to finish many times over the last 30 years, AirTek’s specialists know a thing or twenty about this forgotten, yet vital, industrial hero. 

From power generation to pulp and paper factories, petrochemical operations to steel operations, AirTek has worked with every industry under the sun. AirTek has designed, installed, and serviced ESPs for coal-, and wood-fired burners, combination burners, recovery boilers, and even lime and cement kilns. If it creates smoke and that smoke contains particulates, AirTek’s ESPs are there to hold the line.

Designed for Action

As engineers, designers, and fabricators, AirTek’s specialists know what’s required to make top-notch electrostatic precipitators to prolong and ensure the smooth operation of your industrial property. Though the technology itself may not be new, emerging advancements and changing regulations require adaptation for lower operational costs, improved efficiency, and enhanced durability.

AirTek designs its ESPs to be both high collecting and low emission. AirTek’s ESPs protect against minimal pressure loss while requiring only minimal operational downtime. Best of all, with only low initial capital investment, your industrial operation can afford an AirTek ESP all to itself. 

The smarter design combines with exceptional craftsmanship and decades of experience to ultimately result in AirTek’s cutting-edge ESPs—the latest in a generation of unsung industrial heroes.

Experience the AirTek Difference 

AirTek prides itself on incorporating the latest ESP technologies into each and every upgrade and design request. AirTek’s specialists are happy to speak with you about advancements in collecting plates, rigid discharge electrodes, direct rapping, and roof-mounted electro-magnetic rapping systems. 

But at the end of the day, with AirTek on your side, you don’t have to pay your electrostatic precipitator any greater mind than you might have otherwise. The experts at AirTek are more than thrilled to stay at the cutting-edge of ESP technology so that you don’t have to. To see what AirTek can do for your existing ESP, or to ask about AirTek’s own designs, give us a call today.

What shape is your electrostatic precipitator in right now?

Not everyone gobbles up ESP news and advancements from tech journals, leading designers, and forward-thinking engineers, but at AirTek, our specialists think, dream, and breathe ESP design and future improvements. To keep your industrial operation compliant, profitable, and ahead of the curve, contact us today.

Electrostatic precipitator maintenance troy al AirTek

Vital inspection and maintenance services for your air pollution control equipment

As an owner/operator of an air emission source, if you don’t take a preventative approach to maintain your electrostatic precipitator and drag chain conveyor equipment, you run the risk of dealing with expensive repairs from breakdowns and costly shut-downs in operations. Not to mention, without routine maintenance in place, you are also risking the safety of your personnel. 

Being proactive and planning for preventative maintenance helps prevent downtime and reduces the need for replacement and repairs, driving down overall costs and ensuring the safety of everyone at your facility.  Partner with AirTek for a range of services for our own and other manufacturers’ Air Pollution Control equipment located in your facility.

Services include:



-Repairs and Upgrades

-Engineering & Design Services for Major Repairs, Rebuilds, or Upgrades

-Fabrication, Procurement & Installation Services for Rebuilds or Upgrades

Creating an Inspection and Maintenance Plan

We recommend a thorough inspection of your equipment at least once per year. However, each piece of equipment requires inspection at different intervals. Drag chains, for instance, have varying requirements for the number of hours they can be operational before an inspection is necessary. 

The expert engineers from AirTek can help create a routine maintenance plan tailored to the needs of your facility and equipment so that each piece of equipment is getting the attention it needs to be safe and efficient for years to come. 

Internal Inspections and Maintenance for Electrostatic Precipitator Equipment

Internal inspections performed by our experienced and knowledgeable engineers are vital for obtaining maximum performance of your electrostatic precipitator. These internal inspections ensure that you have proper maintenance scheduled to address any issues we find. We will also make suggestions for any problems discovered during such an inspection. These measures help prevent failures and the need for replacement. 

Why Choose AirTek for Preventative Maintenance?

AirTek has experienced Field Service Engineers that can help evaluate your equipment and unit operating conditions to ensure reliable operation. Our engineers’ years of experience guarantee that the inspections are done safely and with minimal downtime. 

Our staff includes control, electrical, and mechanical system specialists who work with air pollution control equipment on a full-time basis. As such, they have the knowledge base required to inspect equipment for possible issues and quickly identify probable causes and solutions. 

Our skilled field service department provides several services to ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for your equipment, including:

-Routine maintenance inspections

-Reports detailing findings and recommended future work

-Troubleshooting assistance

-Responding to emergency calls

-Start-up and commissioning services

Partnering with AirTek for preventative maintenance ensures you have the level of expertise required to keep your equipment running as it should and within regulation. Our skilled engineers have the knowledge and experience to see the job done right and that you get the most service life out of your equipment. 

Learn How You Can Be Proactive with ESP and Drag Chain Maintenance with AirTek in Troy, Alabama

AirTek is your trusted resource for ESP and drag chain maintenance, from regular inspections and scheduled maintenance to new parts and equipment. Learn how we can help you keep your facility up to date, meeting modern air quality standards: contact us today.

AirTek is the premier supplier of pulp and paper mill air pollution control (APC) equipment, providing superior engineering, construction, and maintenance services. We have successfully managed projects to rebuild and upgrade the performance of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for a wide range of customers in the power generation, pulp and paper, petrochemical, rock products, and steel industries. AirTek is prepared to assist you with all your APC needs with honesty, integrity, and excellent service.

AirTek Construction Troy Ala

Airtek’s Maintenance & Parts Services Guarantee Optimal Electrostatic Precipitator Performance Year After Year

As an owner/operator of an air emission source, it can be quite challenging to navigate the many issues that require your attention to keep your air pollution control system functioning optimally. Every system is unique and requires varying levels of expertise to maintain. 

From precipitator maintenance to inventory management for parts, AirTek has the experience and expertise to guide you through the issues you may face. We provide engineered solutions to meet environmental and reliability requirements for your systems. Pair that with our vast stock of OEM parts, efficient inventory management systems, and 24-hour parts and services, and you have a partner who can guarantee optimal precipitator performance year after year. 

AirTek’s Experienced Engineers

Our experienced engineers evaluate your equipment and unit operating controls to see if they are operating as they should. Our control, electrical, and mechanical system specialists work with air pollution control equipment full-time and have the knowledge and experience to review and analyze any problems, identify causes, and propose solutions.

Airtek’s Experienced Engineers can help with a variety of maintenance and evaluation tasks, including: 

  • Perform routine maintenance inspections
  • Provide reports detailing findings and recommended future work
  • Provide troubleshooting assistance
  • Respond to emergency calls
  • Provide start-up and commissioning services


Additionally, the engineering group analyzes concerns from the field service department about reliability or end-of-life concerns and makes recommendations to ensure your equipment meets performance and reliability standards. These recommendations come with budgetary planning estimates so that you can address any issues before they become debilitating.

Typical improvement recommendations: 

  • Additional collecting area 
  • Redesign of plate/electrode geometry
  • Electrical power sectionalization or enhancement
  • Fue gas flow modifications
  • Controller upgrades

Precipitator Control Upgrades

We have experience installing every major OEM voltage controller, rapper controller, and management system. It is often advantageous to match new controller upgrades to similar systems at a given facility. If you are not partial to any given controller, we can recommend an OEM system based on performance needs, regulatory compliance monitoring requirements, and budgetary concerns.

We can perform controller retrofits during any routine maintenance outage. In most cases, the majority of the existing auxiliary equipment (enclosures, breakers, contactors, etc.) can be reused, so only the proprietary components need to be replaced. Our parts division can assist with sourcing any such components required for upgrading. 

AirTek provides detailed operator and electrician training following the upgrade to ensure personnel can operate and maintain the new equipment.

Replacement Parts and Inventory Management

The hardest part about planning an outage is estimating the precipitator parts needed. Our field-experienced ESP professionals help by making a scope of work analysis and recommended parts list. We will send you spare parts with our maintenance crews for use on a consignment basis. You will only be invoiced for the parts you need; there are no restocking fees for the parts you don’t use. 

Airtek’s parts group will provide consistent and timely support for your equipment with quality replacement parts no matter the OEM. Airtek can also track your annual usage of each precipitator part, catalog and track your storeroom stock numbers, and anticipate the parts you need when you need them most. 

Our parts division supports equipment from the following manufacturers: 

  • Research Cottrell
  • American Air Filter
  • Buell
  • PPC
  • Environmental Elements(Clyde Bergemann)
  • Belco
  • Joy-Western
  • UOP
  • Flakt / Alstom / ABB
  • Rothemule
  • CE Walther
  • Wheelabrator


With our large warehouses and vast inventory, if you need a part to service your ESP, chances are we have it. 

Our parts division is also there for emergencies with quick, efficient response times 24 hours a day. Whether it’s a drag wreck in the middle of the night or a circuit board damaged in a storm, we can have the parts you need processed and on their way in no time. 

AirTek’s Commitment to Excellence

At AirTek, we operate every aspect of the business consistent with the Biblical Code of Ethics. We are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical standards and principles throughout our operations and are committed to:

  • Honesty, Integrity, and Respect for Our Customers, Vendors, and Employees
  • Highest Health, Environmental, and Safety Practices
  • Highest Quality Products and Services to Our Customers


Our track record for repeat work is unmatched in this industry, and we do everything in our power to ensure the satisfaction of every customer on every project.

Learn More About How AirTek Can Optimimize Electrostatic Precipitator Performance Year After Year

AirTek is an industry-leading supplier of air pollution control (APC) equipment, providing superior engineering, construction, and maintenance services. We have successfully managed projects to rebuild and upgrade the performance of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) for a wide range of customers in the power generation, pulp and paper, petrochemical, rock products, and steel industries. AirTek is prepared to assist you with all your APC needs with honesty, integrity, and excellent service.