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AirTek Construction Management Services of Troy, Al

AirTek provides direct-hire, on-site construction labor, and turnkey project management services for new construction, rebuilds and maintenance of air pollution control equipment. We specialize in all aspects of construction including new installations, retrofits, and maintenance programs throughout the Southeast Region.

Construction Management Knowledgable Experience

Our Specialized Construction Expertise Includes:

  • Pre-project Planning
  • Direct Construction Services
  • Construction Management and
  • Contract Maintenance Services

Some of the types of equipment that we work on are:

  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Scrubbers
  • Mechanical Collectors
  • Selective Catalytic Reactors
  • Ash Removal Systems
  • Air Heaters
  • Ductwork/Hoppers
  • Expansion Joints
  • Dampers
  • Cascade Evaporators
  • Stacks
  • ID Fans
  • Black Liquor Systems

All our construction activities are performed on an integrated and open shop basis. This ensures effective co-ordination in planning, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

Direct Construction Services

Construction Services for you Worksite Needs

AirTek has undertaken large construction projects such as the installation of a range of OEM equipment, including Precipitators, Scrubbers, Mechanical Collectors, Ash Removal Systems etc. We also bring expertise in maintaining and upgrading electrostatic precipitators and a range of auxiliary equipment such as expansion joints, ducts, dampers, material handling equipment, stacks, air heaters, cascade evaporators, and related systems.

With seasoned and highly skilled construction and engineering professionals, AirTek relies on a team of construction industry experts that have successfully undertaken large capital-intensive construction projects for various air pollution control equipment. They are ably supported by a solid base of dedicated construction personnel who are eligible for our comprehensive benefit program.

This range of knowledge, track-record, and expertise benefits our customers who receive high standards of service on a wide range of equipment and the convenience of a single-point project responsibility.

Construction Management Services

AirTek offers construction project management services for large air pollution control projects for power plants, paper & pulp mills and other heavy industries. With our integrated engineering and construction management approach, project management expertise and specialized training, our skilled construction management teams provide a range of project management services from pre-project planning, bid evaluations, materials management, project scheduling and start-up for safe and successful completion of our projects.

Construction Management Services We Offer at AirTek

  • Pre-Project Construction Planning
    • Pre-Qualification of Bidders
    • Preparation of Bid Packages & Documents
    • Bid Evaluations
    • Recommendations & Contract Negotiations
  • Materials Management & Procurement
    • Pre-Project Construction Planning
    • Material Specification
    • Material Inspection & Management
    • Procurement & Purchasing
  • Construction Management
    • Project Scheduling
    • Construction Administration
    • Safety & Quality Management
    • Commissioning & Start-up