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AirTek has a staff of electrical engineers that are experienced in all makes of precipitator controls.  We are able to service and supply the following designs, or provide an upgrade to your control system that will best suit your requirements.   Rather than only recommend one control system, AirTek stays on the leading edge by being able to purchase the latest control technology available for our customers. AirTek can provide any control system which the customer desires or may already have in their facility.

Some of the control manufacturers that we service and supply:

  • Redkoh 
  • B&W 
  • Forry 
  • ABB 
  • FLS 
  • NWL 
  • Siemens 
  • Stock
  • Neundorfer


In addition to being able to support your voltage or rapper controller needs, we are able to offer power supply evaluation and upgrades.  Many precipitators are operating with obsolete and/or poorly-sized Transformer/Rectifiers (T/Rs); upgrade of these units can have an appreciable and affordable impact on precipitator collection efficiency.