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AirTek Precipitator Maintenance Services

A precipitator is a machine that requires maintenance to operate effectively and reliably. Most precipitators were created with a design life of 25-40 years, however, as time goes on in the design life, the maintenance requirement becomes greater. With proper maintenance, the design life can be extended to avoid expensive capital projects.

Safety CultureTypical Precipitator Maintenance Activities Include:


  • Cleaning of electrodes (Washdown / Rapdown)
  • Insulator cleaning / replacement
  • Rapper repair / replacement
  • Field alignment
  • Electrode repair / reinforcement
  • Casing repair
  • Ash system maintenance
  • Drag bottom maintenance and alignment



Using our experienced teams to perform this maintenance, we strive to create solutions that extend the life of your equipment and keep costs to a minimum. AirTek has been performing precipitator maintenance for several customers for over 25 years on a recurring basis.