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AirTek Construction Management Services of Troy, Al

AirTek provides direct-hire, on-site construction labor, and turnkey project management services for new construction, rebuilds and maintenance of air pollution control equipment. We specialize in all aspects of construction including new installations, retrofits, and maintenance programs throughout the Southeast Region.

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Our Specialized Construction Expertise Includes:

  • Pre-project Planning
  • Direct Construction Services
  • Construction Management and
  • Contract Maintenance Services

Some of the types of equipment that we work on are:

  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Scrubbers
  • Mechanical Collectors
  • Selective Catalytic Reactors
  • Ash Removal Systems
  • Air Heaters
  • Ductwork/Hoppers
  • Expansion Joints
  • Dampers
  • Cascade Evaporators
  • Stacks
  • ID Fans
  • Black Liquor Systems

All our construction activities are performed on an integrated and open shop basis. This ensures effective co-ordination in planning, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning.

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On the jobsite AirTek Construction Troy Al

Construction Services for your Worksite Needs

AirTek has undertaken large construction projects such as the installation of a range of OEM equipment, including Precipitators, Scrubbers, Mechanical Collectors, Ash Removal Systems etc. We also bring expertise in maintaining and upgrading electrostatic precipitators and a range of auxiliary equipment such as expansion joints, ducts, dampers, material handling equipment, stacks, air heaters, cascade evaporators, and related systems.

With seasoned and highly skilled construction and engineering professionals, AirTek relies on a team of construction industry experts that have successfully undertaken large capital-intensive construction projects for various air pollution control equipment. They are ably supported by a solid base of dedicated construction personnel who are eligible for our comprehensive benefit program.

This range of knowledge, track-record, and expertise benefits our customers who receive high standards of service on a wide range of equipment and the convenience of a single-point project responsibility.

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AirTek construction manager Troy alabama

AirTek offers construction project management services for large air pollution control projects for power plants, paper & pulp mills and other heavy industries. With our integrated engineering and construction management approach, project management expertise and specialized training, our skilled construction management teams provide a range of project management services from pre-project planning, bid evaluations, materials management, project scheduling and start-up for safe and successful completion of our projects.

Construction Management Services We Offer at AirTek

  • Pre-Project Construction Planning
    • Pre-Qualification of Bidders
    • Preparation of Bid Packages & Documents
    • Bid Evaluations
    • Recommendations & Contract Negotiations
  • Materials Management & Procurement
    • Pre-Project Construction Planning
    • Material Specification
    • Material Inspection & Management
    • Procurement & Purchasing
  • Construction Management
    • Project Scheduling
    • Construction Administration
    • Safety & Quality Management
    • Commissioning & Start-up

AirTek Engineering Support Services of Troy Alabama

Engineering support management consulting helps businesses  face the  many challenges as an owner/operator of an air emission source. AirTek can help you negotiate your way through many of the issues that must be addressed in order to keep your air pollution control system working at optimum performance. Even though each system is unique, AirTek has the experience and expertise to provide a custom engineered solution to meet the environmental and reliability requirements of our customers.

Engineering Management Services

AirTek provides detailed engineering design for electrostatic precipitators, ductwork, structural steel, and balance of plant items. With two design groups comprised of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, application engineers, and designers, AirTek is capable of supporting projects ranging from basic design changes to complete electrostatic precipitator systems. Our Troy, AL design group primarily focuses on aftermarket design while the Baltimore, MD design group is primarily new equipment. AirTek has extensive experience modifying the various OEM style precipitators to incorporate the modern practices used in AirTek’s design to upgrade performance and reliability.

AirTek is an electrostatic precipitator OEM as well as an air emissions system solution provider. We have experience with wet and dry scrubbing systems, fabric filters, SCRs, dry sorbent injection systems, mechanical dust collectors and fans. We can integrate and assemble “System Solutions” that are tailor made to meet your emission challenges.

Field Service

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AirTek has a staff of experienced Field Service Engineers that can help evaluate your equipment and unit operating conditions to ensure reliable operation. Our staff includes control, electrical, and mechanical system specialist who work with air pollution control equipment on a fulltime basis. As such, they have the knowledge base required to quickly review and analyze your problem to identify probable causes and solutions. The field service department:

  • Perform routine maintenance inspections
  • Provide reports detailing findings and recommended future work
  • Provide troubleshooting assistance
  • Respond to emergency calls
  • Provide start-up and commissioning services

Pre-Project Planning/Assessment

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AirTek routinely assists our customers with recommendations to ensure their equipment maintains a high level of reliability and meets performance requirements. Our field service department relays reliability/end-of-life concerns to the engineering group for analysis and recommendations. We communicate the concerns and recommendations to our customers and provide budgetary planning estimates to provide ample time to rectify the issue before it becomes debilitating.

When performance of the unit is a concern or the boiler capacity is being upgraded, our applications engineers can determine what changes, if any, will be required to meet the desired outlet emissions. Typical areas in which improvement can be made are additional collecting area, redesign of plate/electrode geometry, electrical power sectionalization or enhancement, flue gas flow modifications, and controller upgrades.

Precipitator Control Upgrades

Since it is often advantageous to match new controller upgrades to similar systems at a given facility, AirTek does not promote any OEM precipitator control system. We have experience installing every major OEM voltage controller, rapper controller, and management system. If the customer is not partial to any given controller, we can recommend an OEM system based on the customer’s performance needs, regulatory compliance monitoring requirements, and budgetary concerns.

Controller retrofits can be performed during any routine maintenance outage. In most cases, the majority of the existing auxiliary equipment (enclosures, breakers, contractors, etc…) can be reused only requiring the proprietary components to be replaced. AirTek provides detailed operator and electrician training following the upgrade to ensure personnel are adequately prepared to operate and maintain the new equipment.